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BFA Book (Bachelor of Fine Art Entrance Exam Preparation Materials)

The BFA Book is accessible on Desktop, Laptop, Android, and iOS devices, this resource includes E-Books, Downloadable Materials, Online Quizzes, Study Materials, and Questions prepared over 10+ years.

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Course Curriculum

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This course is designed to help students prepare for the entrance exam of Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) program. It covers all the necessary topics and provides comprehensive guidance for students to succeed in the entrance exam. The course includes practice exams, study materials, and helpful tips to enhance the students' understanding and performance.

The BFA Book offers a comprehensive collection of educational resources tailored for art students, meticulously crafted by iMADE Faculties over a decade. Accessible on Desktop, Laptop, Android, and iOS devices, this resource includes E-Books, Downloadable Materials, Online Quizzes, Study Materials, and Questions.

   - Read on Desktop, Laptop, Android & iOS devices.
   - Read-only and downloadable materials.
   - Covers a wealth of content accumulated over 10+ years.
   - Features E-Books, Downloadable Materials, Online Quizzes, Study Materials, and Questions.
   - Upload your artworks for expert feedback.
The BFA Book simplifies your learning experience, offering a user-friendly platform for students pursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive coverage of entrance exam topics
  • Practice exams to assess progress
  • Study materials tailored for BFA entrance exam
  • Expert guidance and tips
  • Enhances students' understanding and performance

What you will learn:

  • Learn important concepts and techniques
    Discover the fundamental concepts and techniques necessary to excel in the BFA entrance exam. Understand the principles of visual art, design, and creativity.
  • Master the art of composition and color theory
    Gain proficiency in composition and color theory, two essential components of fine art. Learn how to effectively use elements like line, shape, texture, and tone to create visually captivating artwork.
  • Develop artistic skills through hands-on practice
    Engage in practical exercises and projects to enhance your artistic skills. Get guidance on creating drawings, paintings, sculptures, and other forms of artwork.
  • Study art history and contemporary trends
    Explore the history of art through different periods and artistic movements. Analyze and interpret various art styles, artists, and their influences on contemporary art.
  • Prepare effectively with mock exams and feedback
    Take simulated entrance exams to evaluate your knowledge and readiness. Receive feedback and detailed explanations to identify areas of improvement.


This was the first time I was going to take coaching for my entrances. I still remember how I researched about BFA entrance coaching classes and the only good one I found was iMADE CREATIVE STUDIOS. I was not sure what to expect because the class was taught remotely, but I was quite impressed with the entire process. The support and coaching provided by the faculty is very professional as they are well experienced. My instructors were very approachable so all my questions were answered and the class interaction was very good. It was helpful as I learned things that I did not know about Fine Arts including how to do things better than I have been. I've successfully passed my entrances and got admission in my dream college. I'm glad I joined iMADE CREATIVE STUDIOS. Thank you for your excellent service and staff. If I ever need additional training, you will be my first choice!" I would highly recommend people to join if they need any Art and design based training. I'm super grateful to be able to share my experience.

Mahi Agarwal

It was an amazing experience attending classes at iMADE. The teachers are wonderful and very helping. They helped me learn new techniques and concepts within such small span of time. Their amazing skills and friendly nature made learning so much fun even through online mode. Sitting in front of screens for long hours is not easy. I'm grateful to such marvelous teachers. A big big thanks to all the teachers and entire team of iMADE

Pratyaksha Sharma

My personal experience is very good in learning with iMADE. Their SMART STUDY package was short and crisp with video lecture and study materials on all the important topics. I was able to prepare for my desired colleges and appear for the exam well prepared and even appear for the CUET exam for BFA. iMADE counsellors were also very helpful and answered any doubt i had. Thank you iMADE.

Sairah Arora

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